Month: February 2013

  • Coworking Spaces – the Living Future of Work Culture

    Corporate leaders have started to pay attention to the buzz and research around culture and employee engagement, as they are seeing that these are critical to attracting and retaining talent, and they have a direct connection to their bottom line. The realization is that the sea of cubicles is not quite conducive to deep employee… Read More

  • Why Yahoo! is Actually Right – and Why Home Officing Hasn’t Worked

    Yes, Marissa hit the panic button, and Yahoo’s new ban on “working from home” has ignited a huge firestorm from a long-smoldering debate over how to manage worklife balance and workplace productivity.  However, pitting working from home against working from a central headquarters office misses the point.  Neither the home office nor the centralized HQ… Read More

  • Bringing Staff Back to the Break Room

    Once upon a time break rooms were the place to go and eat lunch but in our ever changing digital age they lack appeal for employees in many fields who’d rather take a walk with one of their digital devices grabbing a snack from a local coffee shop. As a result there’s a lack of… Read More

  • Co-working With a New Mould

    WHAT if you could be a co-worker and creative social innovator outside of the usual metropolitan mould? By taking the spirit of collaboration and the principal of co-working to regional communities, opportunities are injected into the equation, not removed. Traditionally the progressive business and entrepreneurial world has considered cities as meccas for the birth and… Read More

  • The Hub, Where Physical Spaces are Key to Impact

    ONE of the most crucial elements of a successful co-working space is the design. Like the people who use the environment, it needs to be flexible, fluid and creative. Still, it is a constant work in progress as the community moulds the physical surroundings from the inside out and it can be rearranged as needs… Read More

  • The Other Law of the Jungle

    I grew up in Western civilization, raised on Darwin’s, survival of the fittest worldview. No matter where you are on the evolution/creation theories, his competition, bloody tooth and claw perspective has become a pillar of our cultural heritage. It has been the prevailing influence in how we’ve run our businesses. “Eat or be eaten” and… Read More


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