Month: February 2017

  • Why did GCUC tickets go up in price?

    Holding an event in the most populous city in America is expensive.  When we say expensive we mean really, really, really expensive.  Our cost went up almost 40% year over year just for the venue.  We also wanted to be in the heart of the city and that also drives up cost.  We did look… Read More

  • A love letter to Coworking

    I remember well the meetup at the uber trendy San Jose Hotel before SXSW in 2009.  I met a whole bunch of operators from around the world and thought – what a bunch of suckers.  They were willing to tell me all their secrets.  They were willing to send me their business plans.  I thought… Read More

  • Why coworking is different than working from a coffee shop

      Coworking is a little different than just working from a coffee shop and here’s why… You can go to the restroom without having to ask your sketchy neighbor to watch your laptop or having to pack everything up and risk loosing “your spot”. Coworking spaces are designed for maximum productivity. Everything from comfortable erganomic… Read More

  • New York is about to get Juicy

    The world’s largest coworking conference series, The Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC – it’s juicy), is headed to New York in May, 2017. For 6 years now, GCUC has been the largest and most relevant coworking and workspace-as-a-service industry conference that operates on a global scale. GCUC has brought together industry leaders and movers and… Read More

  • Top 5 “Non Coworking” people that should attend GCUC.

    You hear Coworking and Unconference and you are immediately intrigued.  Is it for you?  Here are some groups that should be attending GCUC in NYC this May. You are a developer investigating the Coworking Industry.  We know you saw Wework’s valuation and you want in! It looks pretty simple, right?  Just make a really pretty… Read More


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