Month: May 2017

  • 10 Guidelines to Form a Successful Coworking Alliance

    One of the most notable parts of GCUC is the tight nit community.  In the coworking industry we forego the term “competitor” and instead use the word collaborator. Power is in the numbers- or something like that, right?  Haven’t you ever heard 2 heads are better than one? The coworking and shared workspace movement has… Read More

  • More GCUC Takeaways

    In the weeks after GCUC, one of our favorite things to do is read the surveys, comments, articles and take aways from the event. Since we have such a diverse audience and attendee base- the feedback is sometimes all over the board but it seems that this year most of our attendees are on a… Read More

  • Why the Future of Coworking is Uncertain

    Shout out to our friends at The Farm Soho for this lovely little review. Its always great to hear what the attendees and community has to say. We think that this piece really hit the nail on the head. Our industry is rapidly growing and expanding- we cant wait to see where the future of… Read More

  • Coworking is the Biggest Opportunity of Our Lifetime

    If you aren’t on the coworking train, you better hop on. Coworking and the shared workspace industry are changing the way people work- for the better.What people once thought of as a “trend” has now proven that it is here to stay. Take a look at what Allwork had to say after GCUC this year…. Read More

  • A Big GCUC Bite Out of the Big Apple

    GCUC took New York City by storm last week. GCUC would not be possible with out the support of the community as well as our sponsors. One of GCUC top sponsors, essensys, published this shortly after the conference and we couldnt help but share it…. A Big GCUC Bite Out Of The Big Apple GCUC… Read More

  • 14 Takeaways from GCUC 2017 in New York City

    Just like that, months of planning have paid off and GCUC USA has come and gone for this year. We could not have been happier with how this year’s event turned out and we are so thankful for everyone that came out. Coworking (and GCUC) would not be what it is without such an amazing… Read More


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