Month: June 2018

  • 15 Resources for European Coworking Space Operators

    For all the headlines that the shared workspace and coworking world attract, there is little mention of the mass of long-running open source groups, wikis, resources and online collaborations that the coworking movement has created. Every day, thousands of people share over a decade worth of knowledge about how to run a coworking space and… Read More

  • GCUC UK and Coworking Europe Offer Joint Ticket to Both Events

    In the true “co” spirit of coworking, GCUC UK and Coworking Europe are delighted to announce a collaboration which will benefit all coworking aficionados. Not only will GCUC UK and Coworking Europe collaborate on content, the two organizations are offering a super saver joint ticket for those people who want to attend both events. As… Read More

  • Reimagining the Workspace Landscape in London: a Q&A with Olly Olsen from The Office Group

    The Office Group co-founders Olly Olsen and Charlie Green are presenting at GCUC UK September 25 and 26 in London. Tickets are available now. by Cat Johnson In 2003, The Office Group reimagined what shared workspace could be like in London. Recognising that serviced offices were overpriced and under delivering, founders Olly Olsen and Charlie… Read More

  • to coordinate GCUC Coworking Tours in London on 27 September

    Coworking tours are a massive part of GCUC . They provide the opportunity to be explore innovative spaces that are leading the way in their sphere of excellence. This year we are happy to announce our friends from will be coordinating the tours for GCUC UK. Hector Kolonas, founder of said “We are… Read More

  • The Challenges of Coworking: Insights from a Space Operator

    by Phil Dodson, founder of @Work Hubs and Deep Work Project What are the challenges of coworking? I have run a coworking space for the last six years in central London, so I feel qualified to answer this question. It is a question that every single freelancer, small business owner, entrepreneur and potential member of… Read More

  • Can WeWork Sustain Its High Growth — The Key To Its Lofty Valuation?

    The collaborative workspace industry is witnessing exponential growth. According to GCUC, the industry is likely to grow at an annual growth rate of nearly 16% in the next five years. Read Full Story at


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