Ronald van den Hoff

Ronald van den Hoff

Ronald van den Hoff is a graduate from the Hospitality Business School ‘Hotel School The Hague’. After holding various senior management positions in the international hospitality- and travel industry, Van den Hoff has been a serial entrepreneur since 1990.

He is author of the book Society30 (addressing the transformation from the industrial era to the new digital age), runs the publishing company ‘The Society30 Foundation’ and is the concept co-owner of In this concept Van den Hoff introduced ‘social capital’ as an important component of the new economic business model and “shares for social capital” per year over 100.000 co-work & meeting seats from its abundance.

Another venture of Van den Hoff is the Hospitality Tech Company This company creates and built state-of-the-art virtual marketplaces, including hospitality online co-work-, office-, meeting seats reservation software systems, with the Brand ‘Smart Connectivity & Interactive Marketplace’. Event Software, Data dashboards, White Label Sales Channels, CRM, Yield & Review capabilities, as well as an Artificial Intelligence Serendipity Machine Matching System are additional functionalities of this platform.

Van den Hoff is also a public speaker*, trend watcher and boardroom consultant. As a State-official ‘Mentor for Foreign Startups’, appointed by the Dutch Government, Van den Hoff invests, coaches and advices foreign start- and scale-ups in The Netherlands.

Van den Hoff was proclaimed as the 2011 Hospitality Personality of the Year in The Netherlands and in 2012 his concept was proclaimed by the Dutch National Marketing Association as “Most Customer Centric Organization”.