Dr. Gabor Nagy

Dr. Gabor Nagy

Dr Gabor-Nagy


With 17 years of experience, Gabor leads research and client advisory engagements targeting innovation, collaboration and organisational culture to develop high performing workplaces. Applying a powerful science + design approach, he enjoys the challenge of solving complex problems.

Gabor’s focus has always been on people, the most important and most expensive asset of every organisation. Providing workplaces where people can focus, collaborate and thrive contributes to their well-being and performance, but also to the organisation’s bottom line.


His research has investigated how to best design for focus work. How to accommodate various generational differences, such as Gen Z entering the workplace.  How workers’ health and well-being affects organisational performance, and how national and organisational cultures affect workplace design. He has also conducted global research on how organisations can leverage coworking as innovation driver.

Gabor’s passion has also driven him to focus on Organisational Network Analysis (ONA). Using infrared and laser technology to collect big data and map value networks for the benefit of increasing performance at client organisations. This also resulted in the development of a unique algorithm that predicts and quantifies innovation potential of groups.


Gabor’s past achievements further include the development of Haworth’s LENS™ client consulting toolkit, used with clients globally, as well as a Collaborative Innovation Network (CoIN) system that matches innovation problem “seekers” and “solvers” based on organisational cultural fit.

  • Gabor has two patents granted in multiple countries
  • is a frequent speaker at international conferences
  • Author of several publications and a research book,
  • The leader of three biennial benchmarking surveys of “new ways of working” that included over a hundred companies globally, representing 1.5 million employees.

Gabor is  fluent in English, Japanese and Hungarian. He has worked all over the world working with diverse teams from across the globe.