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Boom Shaka Laka! GCUC is headed to NYC…

Starting off 2018 with a bang, GCUC is headed to New York, NY, the city so nice they named it twice! Mark your calendars for April 22nd, 23rd & 24th where there will be three days full of the latest juicy coworking content out there, and everything related! GCUC USA is the world-wide meeting place where innovators gather to blow your mind focusing on community, real-estate, technology, design, and growth. If you have already heard about our previous GCUC USA conference, or attended yourself last year in New York City then you have an idea what we are all about, but this year will top any conference we have done before…

We are ecstatic to start off the new year in the city of dreams! This time last year we were planning for a year of fresh locations, some of which included The Big Apple; Vancouver, Canada; and Melbourne,Australia. We finished the year off strong, taking on three conferences back to back within a two week span, two of which were new countries (Taiwan and Singapore) as well as one of our largest conferences, Shanghai,China.  

This will be the first GCUC conference EVER held in the same city, besides our hometown Austin,TX, but this is the year we will break the rules. This year, GCUC USA will be nothing like the last (you’ve heard it before) new speakers, all new topics, sponsored demos, happy hours, and unconferences, OH MY!!

We will leave it up to your imagination as to how this conference will be bigger and better than the last, just think endless surprises… you will be delighted with what GCUC has in store for our lovely attendees, and were not just talking about the unlimited coffee and snacks. This is the first year we will offer exclusive tickets giving attendees access to special speaker panels, VIP dinners, and an all access pass to our juicy secrets! Attending the largest coworking conference in the WORLD opens doors for everyone involved, but there’s always a secret golden door everyone wants to have access to, and GCUC has the key! In addition, this will be the second year we will hold the Coworky Awards for the avant-garde thinkers of the coworking world.

This year, there will be the option to go on a self guided tour, group tours, and even architecture tours! There’s a place for everyone at GCUC and we strive to provide curated content for the attendees, we will give you the information you need to know! So what are you waiting for?! Go buy your tickets for GCUC USA and prepare to say WOW! See you in New York City!!





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