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  • What does GCUC stand for?

    GCUC – Global Coworking Unconference Conference

  • Why do you call it juicy?

    We noticed when you say the acronym GCUC it sounds a lot like “juicy”.

  • What is an unconference?

    An unconference is a session in which the attendees choose the topics of discussion. It’s basically a day of crowd-sourced content. Because the attendees themselves run it, it functions as more of an open conversation. Check out our unconference video here.

  • Where will GCUC UK be hosted this year?

    It will be in London again. This time we are at the ETC Venues location of 200 Aldersgate, London EC1A 7EE. Opposite the Museum of London and close to St Paul’s Cathedral and the Barbican.

  • Do you have any transportation recommendations?

    In our opinion tube and walking is the best way to get around London but attached is the full set of directions for the venue.

  • Where should I park once I arrive?

    The closest car park is located next to the venue at 158 – 170 Aldersgate Street. Visit www.ncp.co.uk for more details.


  • How do I sponsor GCUC Coworking Conference?

    Contact justin@gcuc.co for full sponsorship information or go to our Sponsorship page for more details.

  • Will the conference be live streamed?

    No, the live content is exclusively for the attendees.

  • What is your twitter handle and hashtag?

    @gcucgb and during the conference we will use the hashtag #GCUCUK

  • If for some reason I can’t attend do you offer refunds?

    No, I’m sorry we do not. You can re-sell your ticket (if it explicitly says that it is transferable). We recommend the GCUC Facebook group or the Coworking Google group. Contact justin@gcuc.co after the sale so we can change the name on your ticket and conference badge.

    Early bird, week out and door tickets are non transferable.

    If you purchased a ticket package, the package may not be broken up in any way. It can only be transferred to one person one time.

  • How do I get invited to the GCUC attendees-only Facebook group?

    If you buy a ticket you’ll be invited. If for some reason you were not please email us at ukinfo@gcuc.co

  • Can I volunteer?

    We are currently working on our volunteer plan. Please email us at ukinfo@gcuc.co with a short description of how you think you can help. Let us know your amazing skills and what you’re interested in doing, oh and how you heard about GCUC.

    We are looking for volunteers to host Coworking Tours, man reception and chase speakers.

    All Volunteers receive a discount of 25% off the GCUC ticket price at the time.


  • What airport should I fly into?

    Either Gatwick, Heathrow, Stanstead, Luton or London City will all have direct connections to central London

  • Help! Where should I stay?

    Stand by we are creating a list of hotels for you.

  • Is there a dress code?

    Bring your thinking cap for the conference/ unconference sessions and your super-fancy-dancey pants for the happy hours.

  • Do you have a map of coworking spaces in the host city?

    Yep! We are working on curating it for you- it will be up soon.

  • Do I need a Visa?

    Possibly! Please make sure that you are checking to see if you are required to have a visa when booking your travels.

  • What if I have dietary restrictions?

    Please email ukinfo@gcuc.co with your requests. We can not guarantee that we can accommodate all requests but we will do our very best. All requests must be submitted 15 days prior to the actual event.

  • Can I change my profile after it has been submitted?

    No, all changes have to be made by one of our team members so PLEASE double check your profile before submitting it.If you do need do change then just email us at ukinfo@gcuc.co and we will make the changes for you.

  • My questions weren’t asked here, I still need help!

    Please email us at ukinfo@gcuc.co


Want to learn more about GCUC, where it’s heading, how you can be a sponsor, or how to get in on the action in some other way? Contact us to get connected.
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