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GCUC UK in the Press: What People are Saying About the Inaugural Event

Posted on October 9, 2018 by GCUC UK in Conference, GCUC UK

With the inaugural event fresh on our minds, the GCUC UK team is already making plans for next year. Our goal is to make GCUC UK as relevant and valuable as possible for space operators across the diverse UK workspace ecosystem and beyond.

We’re delighted that workspace operators from around the world joined us in London. We have the most mature workspace industry and are collectively stepping into a role as leaders in the future of work.

We recently published a follow-up to GCUC UK, and we’re not alone. Numerous publications and companies also published their takeaways from the event. Here are some of our favourites.

GCUC UK: The Future is Coworking (GCUC global partner Essensys)

From the article:
Coworking was largely born from the opportunity to deliver a service rather than merely a real estate transaction as business centers did in the past. Considering the increasing occupier demand and gaps to fill in the market, coworking operators have of market share to seize. “Workspace-as-a-service is growing. It’s not just about a one-month lease, but a state of mind,” said Central Coworking’s CEO Grant Powel.

5 Standout Moments from GCUC UK in London

From the article:
The growth of niche spaces appears to be gathering pace, and they take many different forms; GCUC producer Liz Elam noted that whereas a space with a yoga studio might once have been considered niche, now they’re becoming part and parcel of the industry – and that industry is not only growing, it’s diversifying, one space at a time.

Wellness Takes Centre Stage at GCUC UK

From the article:
Health is wealth, right? If that’s true, why aren’t more companies investing in the wellbeing of their people? …[H]ow can flexible workspace operators create an environment to help improve the physical and mental wellbeing of their members?

Quick Facts About the UK’s Coworking Spaces

From the article:
The UK’s coworking market has stood out from the European average in many ways since the coworking movement began. For example, its coworking spaces host more members and many chains have been active long before WeWork entered the market. These developments are mainly influenced by London’s rapidly growing number of coworking spaces. Outside of London, the UK’s coworking industry is similar to other countries.

5 Takeaways from the GCUC UK Marketing Masterclass

From the article:
If Day One of GCUC UK 2018 was all about ‘nichification’ and wellness, Day Two focused on the techniques flexible workspace operators need to build their brand and accelerate growth. Marketing is an integral part of this process, but where to start? Which marketing channels are best for coworking? Is social media really that important? And how do you decide what to blog about?

GCUC UK Through the Eyes of a Digital Nomad

From the article:
What stayed with me with after my first GCUC UK experience was the incredible people that I met. I was able to pick the brains of people that owned, financed, and built dozens of spaces and those that are looking to start their first. I learned about new marketing techniques, the importance of wellness, and I even tried out many new products created specifically for the industry.

All of these people are the reason the industry continues to grow and evolve. GCUC UK provided me with an opportunity to continue to explore the growth of coworking and contribute to improving this industry I like to call home.

Thanks to everyone who attended, sponsored, covered and spoke at GCUC UK. We’ll see you next year.

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