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What is GCUC Anyway? A Guide for UK Coworking Space Operators

Posted on July 17, 2018 by GCUC UK in Conference, Coworking, GCUC UK


As we approach GCUC UK, the European debut of GCUC (pronounced “juicy”), some of you may be wondering:

What is GCUC Anyway?

From a bird’s eye view, GCUC (short for the Global Coworking Unconference Conference), is the world’s largest coworking conference series. Founded in 2011 by Liz Elam of Link Coworking in Austin, Texas, GCUC has hosted over 6,500 attendees at 20 events on six continents.

But there’s a lot more to GCUC than that.


Furthering the Coworking Movement and Workspace Industry

For seven years, GCUC has steadily moved coworking forward by striking a delicate balance between real estate, the workspace industry, workplace wellness and community coworking, while staying true to coworking’s original ethos of collaboration and human connection.


World-class Speakers

Every GCUC conference includes speakers and panelists from across the workspace industry, as well as people pioneering the future of work and workplace well-being. Speakers range from corporate coworking giants to social good organizations, city officials, futurists, operators of community-focused, small town spaces, and everything in-between.


Coworking Movers and Shakers

Perhaps the best part of GCUC is that its stellar reputation and proven track record attract a who’s who of coworking movement thought-leaders and workspace industry professionals.

If you want to connect with the global movers and shakers of the coworking ecosystem, GCUC is the place to do it. Whether fellow space operators, industry service providers, industry visionaries, podcasters, writers and publications, or anyone else in the industry, GCUC has you covered. You’ll be able to meet and mingle with people who are shaping the workspace industry and helping to further the future of work.


The Unconference

The “U” in GCUC is a core part of the GCUC experience. If you’ve never experienced an unconference, you’re in for a treat. The idea for the unconference day is that conference participants decide the agenda. Topics are proposed and voted on, with the top choices being assigned areas for breakout sessions. There is no better way to keep conference programming relevant to the needs and interests of participants, and up-to-the-minute timely.

Unconference breakouts touch on everything from diversity and inclusion, to partnering with municipalities, marketing, funding, sponsorships and partnerships, business models, the rise of corporate coworking, how to create a niche space, handling challenging situations in your space, the coworking with childcare model and lease negotiations, to name just a few. The unconference presents an unparalleled opportunity to learn, share and connect with industry peers and leaders.


All-star Presenters

GCUC UK, produced by Justin Harley, already has an all-star lineup of presenters, including Antony Slumbers, Victoria Lockhart from the International WELL Building Institute, Olly Olsen and Charlie Green from The Office Group, Carsten Fortsch from Deskmag, Liz Elam and the GCUC team and many more.

World Class Content

The Subjects in London are hot and very Juicy! We will cover subjects such as:

Is the Coworking Bubble about to burst?

We take a look at the latest trends in Wellbeing and design – with Health is the New Black

Niche is key in differentiating – true or falce

Giles Fuchs and others look at all things finance including Valuations

We take a look at the trend of hospitality and work merging too.

Its a must see .

Don’t Miss the Inaugural GCUC UK

If you’ve never been to a GCUC event, here’s your chance to catch the very first European event. Join us in London in September for what promises to be an unforgettable, inaugural GCUC UK.

Join us for GCUC UK, the European debut of the world’s largest coworking conference series.

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by Cat Johnson

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