“Small” Spaces, Big Impact

posted on April 22, 2024 by Emilie Lashmar

A dynamic panel session challenging the notion that boutique, indie or affordable spaces are destined to struggle amidst the changing landscape of the industry. While the coworking landscape encompasses a spectrum ranging from intimate community hubs to sprawling corporate real estate, there is ample space for diverse players to thrive. Our discussion will emphasise the importance of focusing on members and serving their unique needs, rather than succumbing to rivalry or overshadowing concerns about commodification.

In this session, we’ll explore how boutique, indie or affordable spaces coworking spaces can leverage their inherent strengths – such as fostering genuine connections, promoting collaboration, and nurturing vibrant communities – to carve out a niche and make a lasting impact. By embracing their authenticity and staying true to their values, “small” operators can navigate challenges such as sustainability, pandemic recovery, and competition from larger entities.