posted on April 22, 2024 by Emilie Lashmar

Participants will collaborate and gain valuable insights into the world of coworking. There will be 3 separate sessions, each group will focus on a specific challenge or question related to coworking, allowing participants to discuss and share their expertise as well as make deeper connections.


Group 1 | Building Successful Flexspaces: The Balance of Emotion and Data Analytics
Hosted by Edward Crabtree – Director, Business Development, technologywithin

Join technologywithin for a conversation about the need to use both heart and head to combine great hospitality with the scalable business model needed to build a successful flexspace empire.

What data sources have the most impact on your day-to-day running of your space and how do you utilise those to make decisions?
What is your balance of gut feel and data on making key decisions about managing your space?
How do you prioritise client feedback against financial goals? And does that change with the maturity of the business?
What data do you already have that you could make better use of to create data-driven operational efficiency?
What client requests should you say no to in order to protect your bottom line?
Do you need to invest more or less in your brand as you grow?


Group 2 | “Think bigger than a beer fridge: How to grow a community and your bottom line”
Hosted by Jordan Stachini – Founder, co&co

Join Jordan Stachini, founder of specialist strategy, activation and branding agency co&co, for an intimate round table discussion, as she explains why building a community has become so important in the commercial world – and why beer fridges and pizza Fridays just won’t cut it. During her talk, Jordan will also dive into how building a community can not only measured, but can also drive revenue – and profit – for commercial operators across the private office and co-work space. Listen as Jordan discusses the importance of having a brand wrap and strong visual identity around your offering, and why the businesses who place value and budget into building a community, ultimately come out on top. If long-term customer loyalty and additional revenue is what you are looking for, then this is a talk you can’t afford to miss.


Group 3 | Relax, It’s Only Uncertainty – The Art of Managing Recurring Revenue
Hosted by Keke Patissier – Founder, Koho

How often have you missed your forecast? Was it due to poor management or the unpredictable striking again? Fact: unpredictability happens and will continue to happen throughout the long tail of the lifetime value of every contract. So why worry? Why chase perfect forecasts?

Managing risk is about agility. It’s about balancing your instinctive reactions with careful, strategic thinking. Quick decisions and deep analysis must work together to navigate the unexpected.

We may not predict the exact picture of your revenue future, but by sharing a different framework, we’ll better prepare you for the unexpected. Join us for a lively debate and learn to embrace uncertainty confidently.