About GCUC

The Global Coworking Unconference Community (GCUC, pronounced “juicy”) is the largest coworking conference series in the world.

Since 2011, GCUC has brought together more than 16,000 game-changers from around the globe. We’ve hosted 37 (and counting) conferences internationally. We’re experiencing unparalleled growth, just like the coworking industry itself.

Origin & Growth

Wondering how a tiny SXSW adjacent meetup became a global force in just a few short years, providing resources and a-ha moments across the realms of coworking, real estate and corporate America’s concept of the workspace? Well, in 2012, GCUC founder Liz Elam made a bold move and invited some visionaries to Austin, Texas to take to the stage and hash out some ideas. Those visionaries included Adam Neumann of WeWork, Benjamin Dyett of GRIND, Neal Gorenflo of Sharable and Mark Gilbreth of Liquidspace, to name a few.

In the past year, more than 1 billion dollars have been invested in this burgeoning global megatrend. In fact, it’s growing so fast, we can’t even keep track of the number of spaces in the world.


According to a report by Fortune Business Insights™ the global flexible office market is forecast to be worth $96.77bn by 2030.

That’s 3x what it was in 2023.

The GCUC Experience

The “GCUC experience” goes like this: keynotes, networking, mastermind classes, panel sessions, group dinners and a fabulous partner showcase. The crowd is a diverse group of people who’ve come from far and wide. We often hear that GCUC is unlike any other conference our attendees have experienced. That’s our secret recipe working its magic on the developers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, designers, coworking space owners, real estate visionaries and industry enthusiasts who converge to talk about ideas and insights—big and small—as we build the future of work together.